About me


By Drawa river. Photograph by Mirosław Olczyk

My name is Michał Kulesza.

I was born on 1st december 1984 in Koszalin, northern Poland.

I have a master degree in history and also postgradate studies in museology.

I worked as a numismatist in Museum in Koszalin for 8 years (2009−2017).

For a few years I’m deeply into discovering Pomerania. By kayak, on a bike, or just by feet.

I live in an exceptionally beautiful region of Poland, fulfilled with astonishing nature and great culture.

In a region, history of which was not an easy one, but pretty extraordinary.

I would like to share my full-hearted enchantment with my Readers.

Feel free to contact me:

E-mail: powrot@powrotdozrodel.pl

Phone number: (0048) 794 426 480

Facebook: Powrót do źródeł (remaining in polish language, but  english version is also planned)